Praat scripts

TextGrid Maker Plus - The script opens each sound file in a folder, creates a TextGrid file, and opens the annotation window in Praat.  Clicking "continue" saves that TextGrid file and opens the next sound file for annotation.  This script is modified from Kathryn Flack and Shigeto Kawahara's Annotation Helper.  This version adds a back button so you can fix mistakes, and also has an option to skip files in the folder that already have an associated TextGrid.

Check Intervals - This script takes a set of TextGrids in a folder and checks to make sure that each one has the correct number of intervals, and that they're labeled correctly.  Errors are printed to the console.  This is useful to check for any typos before running TextGrids through a script that relies on interval labels.

R scripts

Confusion Matrix Maker - Given files in a directory (or just a data frame created any other way) with participant guesses and associated actual values, this script generates a confusion matrix with either raw values, or with percents.

TextGrid Buddy System - Checks that every wav file in a given directory has a TextGrid file by the same name. Moves all of the buddy-less wav files into a subfolder so they can be easily taken care of.

Combine txt to csv - Takes a directory full of tab-separated txt files (like the output of many Praat scripts), and combines them into a single csv file.

LaTeX Tools

TeXTabTool - A web-based tabular generator I wrote with Jonathan North Washington.

SLOverline - A package for producing non-manual marking overlining and non-manual marking labels used in signed language linguistics: