Language in a Multicultural America

ENGL 2371

T/Th 12:30–1:50
(Fulfills multicultural requirement)
CRN 55246

How does our culture influence our language?  How does our language influence our culture?  In this course, we will examine the role of language in the melting pot of America.  We'll look at language as influenced by race, gender, sexual and gender identity, and power structures in order to see how social dynamics affect the way people speak—and the way people interpret what they hear.

We'll learn about the methods involved in gathering sociolinguistic data, and even engage in some hands-on research ourselves.

What have previous students said about the course?

  • "At first, in terms of the 'multicultural aspect', I did not expect to get a lot out of it, but I feel like I actually learned a lot and gained some really meaningful perspective."

  • "I was extremely apprehensive to take this class, but it ended up being a great learning experience. I now find language interesting."

  • "I would strongly recommend the class because Professor Braver does an excellent job with explanation, interest in the subject, and overall a fantastic professor."

  • "I was actually surprised by how good this course was. I did learn a lot and the coursework was very manageable... It's a class I would recommend."

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