News:   Download the slides to my keynote talk at CALICHE 2018, "Gesturing avatars in computer-mediated learning of vowel length contrasts" [PDF].

"Phonotactic c(l)ues to Bantu noun class disambiguation" has come out in Linguistics Vanguard [PDF].

  <aaron.braver /æt/>   Assistant Professor of Linguistics   Texas Tech University   Office:  ENGL/PHIL  312C   Lab:  ENGL/PHIL  403

<aaron.braver /æt/>
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Texas Tech University
Office: ENGL/PHIL 312C
Lab: ENGL/PHIL 403

I am an Assistant Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English and affiliated faculty in the Department of Philosophy at Texas Tech University.  My research focuses on phonology and its interfaces with phonetics and morphology, which I investigate from both theoretical and experimental perspectives.  My current projects involve modeling incomplete neutralization and bringing laboratory phonology approaches to Bantu morphophonology.

I currently direct the Phonetics and Phonology Linguistics Laboratory (PPLL) at Texas Tech.

My dissertation [abstract | full PDF], completed at Rutgers University in 2013, examines incomplete neutralization through experiments on American English flapping and Japanese monomoraic noun lengthening,  The dissertation presents a model of neutralization based on paradigm uniformity in a phonetics with weighted constraints.

If you want to know more about me, check out my CV [PDF], research interests, or papers and handouts.

Scripts and Tools

A number of scripts and tools for Praat, R, and LaTeX that I've developed are available on the resources page.

Personal Background

My not-infrequent use of "hella", fronted vowels, and lack of [ɔ] all betray my Southern California roots—even though I lived on the east coast for nearly a decade.  Texans rarely believe it, but I am a native user of y'all.

I completed my Ph.D. in linguistics at Rutgers University in New Jersey, before which I studied linguistics and linguistic anthropology at Brandeis University, just outside of Boston.

I also have some non-linguistic interests.

  Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA (December, 2006)

Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA (December, 2006)