Praat, R, LaTeX, and PsychoPy Resources

Praat scripts (())

TextGrid Maker Plus — This script opens each wav file in a directory, creates a TextGrid file, and opens the annotation window in Praat. Clicking "continue" saves the TextGrid and opens the next sound file for annotation. This version allows you go to back to fix a mistake and shows you how many items are remaining. Also useful for checking students' or RAs' annotation—just leave the 'skip' checkbox unchecked. (Based on Annotation Helper by Kathryn Flack and Shigeto Kawahara.)

Stimlist to intervals — Do you have a long sound file from an experiment? Need to label each trial with item names, numbers, or information? This script takes a wav file and a csv file with stimulus item info, and makes it easy to label each trial—in the order of the stimulus list. Just create an interval and press the "label" button to automatically fill in the info for that item. Can also create multiple tiers in the TextGrid that correspond to columns in the stimulus list (e.g., for labeling trials as belonging to various conditions).

Check Intervals — Takes a set of TextGrids in a folder and checks to make sure that each one has the correct number of intervals, and that they're labeled correctly. Errors are saved to a text file. Useful for checking for typos before running a script that relies on interval labels.

Two tiers basic info — Given a directory with wav files and TextGrids with matching names, where one TextGrid tier represents words (or larger units), and one TextGrid tier represents segments (or smaller units), get the following measurements from each interval on the segment tier: start time, end time, duration, midpoint, pitch at midpoint, f1-3 at midpoint.

Three tiers basic info with comments — Just like the previous script, except it accepts a third tier with comments: for each interval on the segment tier, the script grabs text from any interval on the comment tier that overlaps the midpoint of the segment.

Praat csv reencoder — In many Praat scripts, output CSV files' encoding is messed up and you get garbled symbols in Excel. This (bash) script adds a header to the CSV file that tells Excel to interpret it as UTF-8.

Praat collection to folder — Takes a Praat .Collection file and puts all the contents into a folder for easier access.

Praat collections to folders — Same as above, but operates over a directory containing multiple Praat collection files.

R scripts(())

Confusion Matrix Maker — Given files in a directory (or just a data.frame) with participant guesses and associated actual values, this script generates a confusion matrix with either raw values or percents.

TextGrid Buddy System — Checks that every wav file in a given directory has a TextGrid file by the same name. Moves all buddy-less wav files into a subfolder for further processing. This script probably should not have been written in R, but hey, it works.

Combine txt to csv — Takes a directory of tab-separated text files (like the output of many Praat scripts) and combines them into a single csv file for easier processing.

LaTeX Tools

TeXTabTool — A web-based tabular generator I wrote with Jonathan North Washington.

SLOverline — A package for producing non-manual marking overlining and non-manual marking labels used in signed language linguistics: